22 years old. Your either flyin' high with tha burrds or swimmin' with the fishes, I choose to fly. Whatchu know about that??!

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Sunset Safari in Dubai, taken on a wild sand dune ride, rode a camel,  smoked some hookah and drank a lil’, with some henna to top it off. Outstanding day.
I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…  (at Dibba Beach, Fujairah, U.A.E.)
My life out here is a whirlwind. There are incredible times and periods where all you feel is that you are struggling. However, I know I have never made a better choice ⚓️ (at Infiniti and beyond )
Adventures in the Middle East ⚓️
Cha-Cha-chillin’ in Dubai ☀️
The most beautiful sunset I’ve ever laid my eyes on.. What truly makes me grateful for joining the Navy
The view from the fantail of the ship
Loving life 💁  (at Turkey)
Turkey from the hanger bay.  (at Turkey)
It’s absolutely gorgeous here, I’ve never seen water so blue and vibrant.  (at Greece)
Last moments in America, see you in a few months friends & friends of friends!!!!  (at up, up & away ✈️)